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Series Preview - I Am With You

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Revelation 1

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Joy Through the Hardships

Joy Through the Hardships

I just finished reading through one of my favorite books of the New Testament – Philippians.  It is a favorite not because it contains the motto of The Hill School from which I graduated in '49 (see Chapter 4:8), but because it is a book of “JOY.”  Paul was in jail,...

A Mighty Fortress In My God

A Mighty Fortress In My God

One of my most favorite books of the Bible is Psalms. Through the years I learned many verses of Scripture from Psalms by singing man songs based on the words from that book. And the very first Scripture I memorized was Psalm 19 many, many years ago when I was in VBS as a youngster!

Ten10 COVID Update

Ten10 COVID Update

All church facilities will be closed for the next two weeks. It has come to our attention that following this past Sunday's service, several of our church attenders have had COVID-like symptoms and have had positive tests. As a leadership team, we recently crafted a...


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