Our Values


We pursue love; so we give up comfort to reach more people.


We pursue integrity; so we seek holiness.


We pursue unity; so we fight for one another.


We pursue transformation; so we abide in the Word of God.


We pursue community; so we intentionally connect.


We pursue people; so we make radical generosity a way of life.


We pursue authenticity; so we give people the freedom to be real.

Leadership Team 

The leadership team at Ten10 functions as the elder team. 

Miller Family Ten10 Community

Tyler & Alex Miller

Ferry Family Ten10 Community

Danny & Laura Ferry

Mike Heather Square

Mike & Heather Odom

Ministry Leaders

Worship Director

Mike Kirwin Worship Leader Ten10 Community

Mike Kirwin

Finance Team Leader

Jill Dettinger Finance Team Leader Ten10 Community

Jill Dettinger

First Impressions Team Leader

Jon Lintz First Impressions Ten10 Community

Jon Lintz